Opportunist policy of regime change!

Opportunist policy of regime change!

Opportunist policy
Opportunist policy

Opportunist policy of regime change!

BRITAIN’S military intervention in Libya was based on “erroneous assumptions” and an “incomplete understanding” of the rebellion against former dictator Col Gaddafi, a parliamentary inquiry has found.

As the Washington Times reports Hillary Clinton supported Iraq War — before she opposed it. A decision for initial support of military intervention in Libya would have been based on the same style of information as shared with David Cameron.

In a scathing report, the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee heavily criticized David Cameron for turning a limited intervention intended to protect civilians into an “opportunist policy of regime change” based on inadequate intelligence.

According to the inquiry, strikes were launched based on poor intelligence and Cameron then allowed the military mission to switch its objective away from protecting civilians and towards the removal of Colonel Gaddafi.

“By the summer of 2011, the limited intervention to protect civilians had drifted into an opportunist policy of regime change.”

“That policy was not underpinned by a strategy to support and shape post-Gaddafi Libya.”

“The result was political and economic collapse, inter-militia and intertribal warfare, humanitarian and migrant crises, widespread human rights violations, the spread of Gaddafi regime weapons across the region and the growth of Islamic State in north Africa.”

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