PHONY Clintons!

PHONY Clintons!

PHONY Clintons
PHONY Clintons

PHONY Clintons

DNC balloon drop caps phony Clinton’s historic celebration

Balloons fall from the ceiling as phony Hillary Clinton celebrates at the Democratic National Convention where she became the first woman to win the presidential nomination of a major party.

It’s the moment of revelry that makes every convention great, and Thursday night was no exception in Philadelphia.

Hillary Clinton finished her acceptance speech, becoming the first female presidential nominee for a major party in U.S. history. Then the balloons started cascading down from the ceiling, and — she loved it.

Hillary’s Disturbing Reaction to Last Night’s DNC Balloon Drop

Is she mentally stable? 

After Hillary delivered her lackluster acceptance speech at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia, she was joined on stage by her accused rapist husband, Bill Clinton, who looked “refreshed” after napping through most of her speech, and other family and friends for the customary balloon drop.

Hillary’s oddball reaction was captured on video.

It makes you wonder if she’s mentally stable – and sober?

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